Retire on Social Security — Video Course

I talk about a number of practical ways to retire on just your social security, get out of debt, heal relationships with estranged family members, make new friends, avoid being scammed, increase your self-esteem, and defend your personal freedom in my video course “Retire on Social Security“. Please watch this short — “Introduction To The Course“.

Coaching One-on-One or in Small Groups

I’ve had fortunes and frittered them all away. I was severely depressed for 25 years, worked many low paying jobs, and then completely turned my life around. See how I did it here. I learned to feel good about myself, became a Certified Life Coach, built a successful business, made good friends, and live every day with meaning and purpose.

Having an experienced guide would have made my journey so much easier.

We are happy to provide coaching for individuals or you can join one of our small groups. You will be empowered to take control of your life, make your retirement the way you want it, and increase the quality of your life no matter what your circumstances.

My Family Friend — Phoning Service

One of our warm and friendly retirement age staff will call you or your family member 6 days a week to make sure they’re safe and healthy, encourage them to be active and independent, remind them to take their meds if they have any, and to be their friend. See more about our My Family Friend Phoning Service.

Make Retirement The Time Of Your Life

Make your retirement safe, secure, and have the time of your life with just your Social Security. Find out about our video course “Retire on Social Security“.

Thanks very much,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier