Improving The Quality of Your Retirement

We provide a number of services to help you protect your freedom, handle prejudice against retired people when you’re confronted by it, be strong and fearless, make new friends, manage your finances, control your emotions, and protect yourself against fraud. We do that with a video course, phone calls 6 days a week, and coaching in small groups. Most people start with the video course, but choose whatever feels right.

Video Course

The way to make sure nobody else can take charge of your life is to take charge of it yourself. I teach those skills and more in my video course “Defend Your Personal Freedom After Retirement”. Please watch this short introduction — “About The Course” (Coming Soon).

Phoning Service

One of our warm and friendly retirement age staff will be happy to call you or your family member 6 days a week to make sure they’re safe and healthy, to encourage them to be active and independent, to remind them to take their medicine if they have any, and to be their friend. Find out more about our Your Family Friend Phoning Service.

Group Coaching

We are happy to provide Life Coaching in groups of five clients or less. You will be empowered to take control of your life, make your retirement the way you want it, and increase the quality of your life no matter what your current circumstances.

Learn The Skills

My life has changed completely since I retired, and for the better. I became a Certified Life Coach, built a successful business, made good friends, brought an amazing woman into my life, and live every day with meaning and purpose. You can see more about my story here.

Having an experienced guide would have made my journey so much quicker and easier.

For example, if you want to drive across Europe from Moscow to Madrid, would you hire a guide who’s read a book about how to get there, or somebody who’s travelled the road himself for years, knows all the short-cuts, and how to avoid all the bumps?

Make your retirement safe, secure, and the time of your life. Click here to find out about our video course for retired people called “Defend Your Personal Freedom After Retirement”.

Thanks very much,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier