If you know anybody who might enjoy one of our services we’ll send you these referral gifts when they become our client. And we’ll send the person you referred to us the same gift as we send you, just because you referred them. You can refer as many people as you like, but you MUST use the form below, so we know they came from you.

Referral Gifts

Video Course — $25 for you, plus $25 for your friend
Phoning Service — $100 for you, plus $100 for your friend
Group Coaching — $75 for you, plus $75 for your friend
Individual Coaching — $200 for you, plus $200 for your friend

We’ll send you a monthly update by email letting you know which of your referrals registered for our services. We’ll be very careful not to bother them.

How To Refer A Friend

For example, if your name is Margaret Smith and you are recommending your friend Jackie Jones take our video course, this is how you would fill out the form at the bottom of this page —

Your information

Your First Name — Margaret
Your Last Name — Smith
Your friend or relative will know you as — Peggy
Which of our services are you recommending to your friend? — Video Course
Your email address —

Information of the person you’re referring

Your friend’s first name — Jackie
Your friend’s last name — Jones
What name does your friend call you? — Peggy
What name do you call them? — JJ
Their email address —       (When they register they MUST use this email address)
What would you like to say to your friend about this particular service? — JJ, the course was great.

Then we send them this email

Subject — Peggy (Margaret Smith) thought you might be interested
Dear JJ,

Peggy (Margaret Smith) took our very popular video course “Retire on Social Security” and enjoyed it so much she thought you might enjoy it too. She said “JJ, the course was great.”

If you register for the video course we’ll send Peggy $25, and we’ll send you $25 as well just because Peggy referred you. Please use this email address when you register — so we know you were referred by Peggy.

The course is $157 USD. You can see a short video about it on this page of our website.

We hope you enjoy it as much as Peggy did.

Sincerely yours,
Ken Lapp

Ken Lapp Global Life Skills Inc
Things are going to get easier

Please use this form to refer your friends

*EXCEPT if one or both of you live in Australia, where this referral program is not available.

    Your information

    Information of the person you're referring

    We’ll ensure your friend is always happy you referred them to us.
    Thank you for your support,
    Ken Lapp
    Things are going to get easier