Phoning and card mailing service:

Phoning and Card Mailing Service for Older Adults

You are about to increase the quality of life for yourself and a person close to you. Our Phoning and Card Mailing Service will be a wonderful part of your relationship with the person we’re calling on your behalf:

  1. We Call 6 Days a Week – One of our caring phone staff will call the person you designate 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday:
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    1. To make sure they’re OK.
    2. To let them know you care for them.
    3. To be interested in what’s happening in their daily life.
    4. To provide general guidance on living a healthy life, if they ask.
    5. To remind them to take their meds, if they have any.
    6. And to be their friend.
  2. We Mail a Card Every Month – We will send them a card in the postal mail every month, on special occasions, such as their birthday, Christmas or other festive season they celebrate, just to let them know you’re thinking about them. We’ll sign your name and include a short personal note from you if you wish.
  3. So Inexpensive Because We’re Based in Canada – Our prices are USD but our offices and staff are in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We can work for less because the US/Canada exchange rate is so high.
  4. We Call In Your Name – The first time we call we’ll say something like “I’m Susan from Ken Lapp Global Life Skills. Your daughter Mary asked me to call and say Hello and see how you’re doing because she cares for you. I’ll be calling you 6 days a week, starting today, just to chat and make sure everything is going well. Is that OK with you?”
  5. Helpful Advice – All our phone staff are familiar with the lifestyle suggestions in our video course “Retire on Social Security”, so if you wish they can provide suggestions on simple things like diet and exercise. As one of our clients you are entitled to watch the video course at NO CHARGE so you can see what’s in the course.
  6. Confidential – Within limits provided for by law, any information discussed in normal conversation between our phone staff and your loved one shall be kept strictly confidential. Information will not be shared or revealed to any person, agency, or organization without your prior written consent.

Mother happy to receive our phone callOne day when my brother was visiting my mother she had a minor medical emergency. He phoned me and I came over and took her to the hospital. The doctor said she’d had what they call a “mini-stroke”, and she’d probably recover fully in a few hours. She did recover, but every day after that I phoned her, just to make sure she was OK. And that started a habit that lasted for twenty years.

It was so important to her to have someone interested in her life.

I’d ask about what she was doing in her yard, and she would tell me about problems she was having. Those phone calls were the inspiration for our Phoning Service. One of our warm and friendly staff will be happy to call you or your family member six days a week.

Please contact me about your Phoning and Card Mailing Service for Older Adults:

    I look forward to talking to you,
    Ken Lapp
    Things are going to get easier