Although my video course “Retire on Social Security” is not a meditation course, I do talk about meditation at times on the course.

I used to be afraid almost all the time in my everyday life. The leader of a group therapy I went to called me “Mr. Fear”. Through meditation I found my personal power, so now I live without fear. And I’ve learned to handle my power without being forceful or dominating, so I’m gentle and kind, and very good with people.

Meditation was my short cut out of depression.

When I say short cut, I mean that I didn’t have to dive deeply into every unhappy thought I had, feel all that pain from my childhood again, and claw my way back to the present day. Meditation is about learning to be here now, and about controlling your thoughts. Whenever I had a depressing thought I would bring my attention back to the present moment, just what’s happening right now, right in front of me. And when I did that there was never anything to be depressed about.

Meditation is about learning to control your thoughts. - Ken Lapp, from Ken Lapp Global Life Skills Inc.
When you have good mental health your normal state is happy and healthy. Learning to control my thoughts not only brought me good mental health, I became more capable at everything I did.

Meditation completely changed my personality.
I became more of the person I always wanted to be.

Now I have confidence, strength, and self-esteem, and I provide a valuable service to others that I love doing. Before learning meditation I had so much anger bottled up inside I felt if I let it out I would level three city blocks. Now I live almost completely without anger. It’s a much more relaxing and enjoyable way to live.

I didn’t start meditating with the goal of becoming more spiritual. It just happened. 20 years of meditation gradually made me more aware. Awareness is a difficult concept to describe. I learned more about myself, and why I do the things I do. I learned more about others, why they do the things they do. And I learned more about the world, how it works and why things happen as they do. It’s a strange and wonderful feeling to gradually understand more about the most subtle and profound aspects of life.

I realized everyone on this planet is connected. We are all made from the materials and energy of this planet, just in different amounts. So when one person is hurt everyone suffers. And when we damage this planet everyone suffers. That’s why part of learning to live a good life is about learning to be of service to others. When we serve others we are serving ourselves.

Our DNA is hard-wired to reward us when we serve others because we’re continuing our species.

That’s why volunteering and supporting worthwhile charities helps us feel good in a way nothing else can, and why people who get involved in altruistic activities live longer and happier lives.

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