Kathleen Peddicord

Private Page for Kathleen Peddicord

Dear Ms. Peddicord,

If you’d rather not read all this text please call my personal cell phone at your leisure to talk. I’m in Canada 1-604-999-5284.

Here is the section of my video course that promotes your service, your book, your company, and yourself. After watching this video please see some of my thoughts below.

It would not be difficult to make changes to this section of my video course if we decided to work together.

My Video Course:

  1. Includes Links to Your Book and Website – Attached to each of the 7 videos in my course is a PDF with links to all the screenshots I use in my course, including to Amazon where people can buy your book, and of course to your website.
  2. Exclusive Discount for Your Customers – The regular selling price of my course is $157 USD. I would provide a specially discounted price for your customers.
  3. An Additional Revenue Stream for You – I would also give you a percentage of the revenue from each course sold.
  4. Consistent With Your Company Image – Promoting my course in your newsletter or on your website would enhance the image you have cultivated so carefully, as a company interested in all aspects of your customer’s well-being. I am a professional life coach, so every video in my course deals with making their lives easier and more enjoyable.
  5. Watch My 15 Min Course Intro Video – My Course Intro is near the top of the “Video Course” page of my website https://kenlappgloballifeskills.com/course/
  6. You Can Watch The Entire Course – My course consists of 7 videos totaling four and a half hours. I would let you watch the entire course at no charge. If you’re interested I’ll send you a one-time Discount Code.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks very much,