Retire on Social Security – Video Course — 4 Min Intro

Every other video I’ve seen and article I’ve read on this topic is filled with vague generalities. There’s none of that in this course, only very specific information and actions steps you can take on every topic you’re interested in. Even the general topics like how to increase your confidence or find your personal power have specific actions to take, and in what order. Proven effective methods.

This course is the real thing, like no other course you’ve ever seen before. I guarantee it or your money back.

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Videos in the Course

How to be independent, and take control of your life so nobody else can take control of it. How to find your life purpose, avoid the psychological problems people run into when they retire, and how to change your self-image so improvements you make to your life are permanent.

When I found my personal power I became the person I always wanted to be. In this video I'll train you on how to be strong and firm without being loud and aggressive. How to stop being a victim, and drop your fear. Negative habits that give your power away without you realizing it, and how to stop them.

Many powerful steps to stop people trying to put you into a care home before your time. Where you’re likely to find prejudice against older people, and how to deal with it.

How to heal family feuds, and get back together with estranged family members. Many ways to make and keep good friends after you retire, plus "The Art of Conversation".

Powerful benefits you can get nowhere else, and all absolutely free - comradery with good people who'll support you to live independently, and go to bat for you if you ever need it. This training includes downloadable Guidelines to set up your own team and keep it running smoothly.

In the United States alone 500 people a day are victims of fraud, and many criminals target retired people. I’ve used these simple steps to avoid being hacked or scammed while working on the internet every day for 20 years.

Thank you,
Ken Lapp
Things are going to get easier