Ancient Wisdom

Ancient Wisdom

In my long healing journey I researched many different sources of wisdom. I found I agree with many points in Dialectical Materialism. Basically, it says that people learn by interacting with their environment, that is, we learn by doing, by taking action. And when I started learning Ancient Wisdom I found it says the same thing.

My video course “Retire on Social Security” includes sprinkles of Ancient Wisdom where it agrees or surpasses with Western Philosophy in ideas such as loving all people, forgiving everyone including yourself, being grateful, and the best thing to think about is usually just what’s happening now right in front of you.

Much of the Ancient Wisdom speaks to my heart. But I don’t admire it just because it’s from long ago and far away. Those ancient societies didn’t have hot and cold running water or electricity. I admire them because it was a time when monks and sages dedicated their entire lives to figuring out the ideal way to live. They passed down what they learned to younger monks for hundreds of years.

As a result, the Ancient Wisdom teaches life lessons
normally impossible to learn in one lifetime.

Ancient Wisdom says the ideal way to live is to be positive, optimistic, kind and generous, open and accepting to all people at all times. Avoid disturbing yourself or others, both physically and mentally. Learn love, gratitude, forgiveness, and personal responsibility. True happiness can be found through selfless service to others.

There’s a four thousand year old legend that says in the time of Huang Di, The Yellow Emperor, a maiden could ride a horse alone with saddle bags filled with gold, safely from one end of the country to the other. As well, the Ancient Chinese civilization invented paper making, the printing press, gunpowder, the compass, and irrigation.

I admire many points found in Chinese classic texts, such as the Dao De Ching, Journey to the West, the I Ching, and the Art of War. They were written thousands of years ago but their wisdom is applicable today. For example, the Art of War says the best strategy is to win the war before it begins.

Ancient Wisdom says to do the right thing even if nobody will ever know, because you’ll know.

And the Ancient Wisdom recommends Meditation, which in my personal experience is a greatly underestimated healing method, both for physical and psychological ailments. I’m not talking about being a monk. I’m only talking about sitting quietly for a while day. With Meditation you can learn to live a peaceful life in today’s hectic society, with joy and meaning and purpose, fulfillment and contentment. You can live by your own rules, and still be a productive, contributing member of society.

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The video course “Retire on Social Security” can save you years of struggle on your journey to a happy and productive retirement.

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